Hire A Writer To Write Your Books, From 5000 words to 15,000 words, even up to 30,000 Words

A writer who writes your book on your behalf is called a GHOSTWRITER. Sincerely, there is no fixed rate for how much a ghostwriter should be paid, this is because there are several factors you will have to consider. Why talk about Payment rate first? what about getting Value for your Book? How about getting a Professional hire? How about getting the right Ghostwriter for the right style of the book. Several Hires have this confusion in their mind, How much Pay is really worth for Books with word counts up to 6,000, 10,000 words, 20,000 words, 30,000 words?

Believe me, there are hundreds of freelance platforms where ghostwriters are hired daily, all thanks to the Internet which has made it comfortably easy for potential hires to simply grab their mobile phones or computers, then visit a freelance website, select and talk with potential freelancers for a possible hire, make an order for the Book with funds in the Platform escrow and then await delivery. The Quality of work usually depends on price negotiations, the delivery period of the book and the likely the word counts involved.


Before writing this article, I had read a post on QUORA where member attempted to provide answers to what prices are fair for writing such high volumes of books, some answers were amazing, you can follow the link to see the best answer for this topic.

who is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a person who writes your ideas and imaginations into reality, you may have an idea or outline of how you will love your book to be, but then you cannot write it yourself. It is the work of the ghostwriter to help get this done for you in your name as the owner of the book.

Ghostwriting Rates 2020 and 2021

There are no fixed rates, as I said earlier it all depends on how much Quality you need. I presume you want a book with the highest quality; Of course, who wants a poorly written book with grammatical errors everywhere, poorly built sentences, wrong lexis and structures and scraped contents which are likely copied from other websites or Book directly into yours. A perfect rate for a US and UK based Professional Ghostwriter could be $1-$3 per word, this implies that for 5,000 words you should expect to pay between $5,000 to $15,000 dollars.

hire a ghostwriter

Ghostwriting Services Rates Per Word

Professional Ghostwriters reserve the right to offer whatever price they want for their services, some writers could charge hourly while others Fixed rates just like on FIVERR, where you can hire a good writer based on these parameters. For Hourly rates, A ghostwriter might charge $20 – $200 per hour depending on their professionalism and knowledge of your Book. Ghostwriting is not easy, It involves a lot of processes to get things done. from Creating the Book Topic and Sub-Topics, developing a well-researched outline, create a research plan for the book, compare similar books, Optimize contents, Figure out writing styles before finally putting them into the book. Clients will pay a good amount provided you are truthful to yourself as a writer.

It could really be a long process and needs devotion, hard work, efforts and time on the part of the writer, that is why you are paying them well. For the Fixed-rate; Unlike the hourly rate where you pay the writer per hour. For fixed-rate, you can pay the writer a fixed amount just once. say $3000 at once or $5000 at once depending on your negotiations for word count, delivery period and book standards.

What Percentage Does A Ghostwriter Get?

If you are hiring a ghostwriter from Fiverr or Upwork for example, the writer will get 80% of the agreed amount while 20% will go to the Platform. This means that for a $1000 project, the writer will get $800 (80%) while the platform will get $200 (20%). The only way to avoid these charges is by making payment to the writer directly either through Paypal, Payoneer, Direct bank transfers or Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Etheruem, Litecoin etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Ghostwriter?

For a decent copy, I will advise you budget up to $1000, It all depends on the word count and writers experience on the subject matter. You could increase your budget as well, everything is open to negotiations. If you feel the cost of hiring a ghostwriter is too high then you should consider finding inexpensive writers who are not difficult at all but time-consuming, energy-wasting and garbage delivery at the end., there are everywhere on the Internet claiming they can do a good job for you, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Freelance websites have a whole lot of them. But still, there are good writers that can help you at a good budget, I will refer you to one of the writers I have been working with for a long time now, you can CONTACT US here if interested. Finally, what matters most is the Quality of content you will receive which will give an unquenchable value and desire for more in the minds of your readers.

Ghostwriting Packages & How Much Do Ghostwriters Charge In UK

Depending on the country of the writer, the value of their currency may change. For example, a writer in the US may charge $1000 for 5,000 words, the same writer working at the same rate will charge 752 pounds, you could confirm that HERE or from the Image below. You can from this demonstration see that location of each writer can affect the charge.


Where Can I Hire a Ghostwriter At Affordable Rates for My Book In The US Or Uk?

Fiverr will be my best pick for you, reasons been that I have hired many freelancers there to help me do some writing projects both offline and Online, with very incredible results at affordable charges. You can contact me directly through the contact us sessions so I get to share my ghostwriter with you, Alternatively, you could head on to Fiverr and make a direct Hire there, Follow here to get started to a FIVERR GHOSTWRITER.

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I love using Nicole_brand, I have worked with her offline for a long time now and will strongly recommend her services, you could get a good Book copy of 30,000 words at $800 – $1000 budget, anything less of this will likely scream amateur for an ill written content.

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Cheap Ghostwriters for Hire

If are on a budget lower than $300, then consider making a hire from social media platforms like Facebook groups, Quora and many other writing forums. I doubt the quality of books you will receive from these places, but it is still worth the try. One thing I want you to do is to carefully examine the ghostwriter, ask questions where necessary, request for samples where necessary before making a hire.

Please Share this information so others can benefit from it, If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment session, we will be so excited to read them.

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