How to Hire An Upwork Logo designer in 5 Simple Steps

If you plan of hiring a logo designer for your small, medium or a large scale business project, then consider reading this article carefully to the end. Hiring a logo designer on Upwork can be very tasking and time demanding, the reason for this is that there are many Logo designers on the platform bidding to help you with your project, many proposals for you means more time and energy while trying to interview the applicants in other to select the perfect match for your business. Graphic design niche has the highest number of freelancers on Upwork, even Fiverr which is the second-largest marketplace after Upwork faces the same issues.

upwork logo design

First thing you must consider before going searching for Upwork graphic designers is the type of designs that you will need for your business, Is it a small design project, medium scale project or complex designs? this factors will influence your budget, expected delivery period and the type of designer you will likely hire.

The second thing to consider is the Job Success score of the Freelancer, Job Success Score (JSS) measures your client’s satisfaction with your overall work history on Upwork’s platform. It reflects your client’s satisfaction as shown by relationships, feedback, and job outcomes over time. A high JSS score can help freelancers to stand out in the Upwork marketplace.

The Third Thing to watch out for is the reviews, this will likely show you the freelancer’s communication and responsive level with his previous clients, you will practically get to know the freelancer, up to 70% through his reviews given by his previous clients.


The fourth thing to consider is the designers rates, some designers charge hourly and other prefer fixed rated jobs, if you hire a designer at the rate of $30/hr on a contract up to 20 hours long, that means your budget should likely be 30*20 which is $600. In a case that you do not have such budget, then you could talk with the designer and likely see how you can make a fair deal that favors both of you.

The last thing to consider might be the delivery time and likely the Country of the freelancer. If you hire someone from your country, then it could be easy to communicate with the person at anytime, since both of you stay in the same location and share similar time zones. Hiring from different time zones cause a little problem, but not to worry. As far as the designer has given you a delivery time and is willing to work with you then you have no problems.

I have worked with some Logo designers on Upwork and will refer you to one of the designers I love working with, this should likely be my 4th project with him, his design skills & communication is excellent, delivers on time and very creative as well. You can check his profile on Upwork here, If you have any questions for us @naijaterrene, please do well to reach us through the contact us session, we will be so excited to hear from you as well.

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