How To Make Money On Fiverr (Up To $500 in 3 Easy Steps)

Hello, & Welcome, If you are reading this post then It is clear you are looking to make some quick bucks on Fiverr or any other freelance platform. I have been on the Fiverr as a SELLER and as a BUYER for a very long period of time now. I have learnt so much during this period that I want to share with you.


Fiverr as you already know is a DIGITAL MARKET PLACE, some people refer to the Platform as the Amazon of Online Services; one thing is clear that buying and selling take place on that website every half a milli-seconds.

As a SELLER on FIVERR making $500 on Fiverr in a day is very possible not to talk of a month, Some readers may think that saying so sounds untrue, but yet very true. For Starters or New Sellers, It will definitely take quite some time, coupled with Passion, Dedication, Hard work, Professional Jobs and Passion before you can get to this stage of making some very Fat Commission on the Platform, Possibly as a TOP RATED SELLER.


For STARTERS, $200 – $500 monthly is very possible, all you need to do is follow my Guide. FIRSTLY, you will need to Offer PROFESSIONAL services that are in HIGH demand, and the Competition is Low. I will advise you to stay away from LOGO designs and several other highly saturated Niches. Except you are very good with SEO ( driving Organic traffics to your Gigs) or even Paid Ads that converts.

Ensure that you are good with your chosen Skillset, If you are not good with Book writing or LOGO designs, then do not create Gigs for these services. Only Create Gigs in Areas that you are a Master in, and can deliver 5 Star Jobs.

NEXT; Create a PRO profile of yourself, Look through the profiles of other Top Sellers and create your profile around theirs, Please DO NOT copy, Fiverr will bring down your account if you DARE. All I want you to do is to look at their arrangement and descriptions, then think of how you could come up with your own Ideas in such as Professional Manner.


Thirdly, Get a Review or Two to boost your New Account, this was the mistake I made when I first started out, I ignorantly waited for months without any sales (Reviews). Many Clients landing on my page could not trust me since they feel I have no Reviews. Truth be told, positive reviews create Positive Impressions on the minds of your potential Buyers, this develops trust and confidence in your services.


At this point, there are ready to listen to your advise since they now see you as an Authority that can solve their problems with so much experience.

Stay Positive and Always Understand the Problems of your Potential Buyers; Do not jump into conclusion that you know what they want, you may end up with a negative review, and this will ruin your career on the platform. be Patient with them listen attentively, ask questions, contribute ideas and get the work done perfectly. Least I forget, good Jobs on Fiverr leads to TIPS, I believe you do not want to miss out of these Juicy bonuses clients do pay for a great job done.

Be Guided by a Mentor; Follow the footsteps of people that have made the mistakes already, learn from them, avoid their mistakes and grow faster. I have a class where I show in details everything you need to know about making your first $800 on Fiverr, you canCHECK THAT OUT, this will be an opportunity for you to get ahead of the struggle and make a great impact in your

Use Creative Gig Images in your Profile; Please do not just copy Gig Images from the internet to your Gigs, carefully select the best images from Canva, Unsplash, Behance, Dribbble etc;


You may have to pay for some of these images, let it not bother you much; be happy to Invest this little fee for the big Profits ahead.

Be Responsive to Messages & Impress Potential Buyer; First Impression matters, there might be no other opportunity for you to prove your worth when you start wrongly. Imagine replying late, say 4 hours late to a message that a message sent to you. What impression are you leaving for the client?

During your conversation with your prospective client, you have to demonstrate Authority (Good Knowledge of your Skills), Confidence in yourself and above all the SKILL of engaging the Buyer in a Conversation that will result to CONVERSATION.

Here are some easy GIGs that you can get started with very easy on Fiverr; Business Name Ideas, Amazon Name Ideas and Descriptions, Product Review, 1000 words Articles, Spokesperson Video, Poem writing, Youtube banner designs, Ms word to PDF conversions, Songwriting, Content writing, Content Optimizations, Business Map creation, Claiming Businesses for GMB owners, Voice to Word services, transcription, Proofreading et al.

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