How To Make Money With Click bank, Jv zoo and Warrior plus

Many people have been asking me how they can make money with  ClickBank and Jv zoo affiliate marketplaces, If you are reading this article then consider yourself very lucky, to see results in affiliate marketing all you need is a strategy that works, and then take action immediately. Prior to this particular writeup,  I had written an answer on Quora which clearly explained how you can make money fast with Click bank, Jvzoo and Warrior Plus within 24 hours. You can check that article on QUORA

Before I became a full-time affiliate marketer, I had never thought that it was possible to make a good living with just affiliate marketing, I have always been a freelancer on Fiverr & Upwork almost all my life making active commissions from the projects I did for clients there instead of passive income which affiliate marketing which warrior plus, Jvzoo & Clickbank has to offer. Until I met a friend who showed me what to do and how to do them to make money fast with Affiliate Marketing.


I understand that many countries are not allowed to open ClickBank accounts, If you are in such restricted countries like India, Pakistan and Nigeria then you have nothing to worry about. CLICK HERE to get a Clickbank account in any restricted countries.

Once you have a Clickbank account, Jvzoo or warrior plus account, the next thing is how to promote in other to make cool commissions weekly, the best and fastest way to make with affiliate marketing is by using the Paid advertisement methods, other internet gurus may say otherwise, but believe me, you can never get it wrong with a good advertisement campaign.

The free methods work quite alright but believe me it takes a lot of time, energy and efforts to make your first sale if you are hoping to make money with the free methods. Some free methods include creating Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts where you follow members in related niches daily and post things similar to these niches so that your followers can likely engage with these posts and take action. This normally takes a lot of time, you will need to grow your fan base and post regularly so the algorithms of these websites can rank your contents. Furthermore, you could lose these accounts at any time, so there is no assurance or security when using free methods. Blog commenting, writing on Quora and medium and all that fall into these categories too.

If you are still bent on using the free methods to promote your affiliate products, then I will advise that you use influencers, what this means is that you will pay Influencers with large & committed followers on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, TikTok, Pinterest to put your affiliate banner or image and link on their status or page, their followers will likely buy from them since there are Loyal and trust them. This could cost you up somewhere from $10 – $100 per post depending on the niche, Influencer used and the duration of time the ads will have to stay on these pages.


Follow me on Quora so you can see more of my writings, If you have been following my writings already on quora, then you will understand that my answers are purely practical and things that work, I do not copy articles or post things that never work, I only write what has worked for me and what I am using to make money online so you can learn and achieve same or even greater results. I will recommend Paid advertisements on platforms sure as Quora, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Instagram etc these platforms have very good targetings, it is very easy to select the locations, genders, ages, income level, niches and class of your audience using this method. If you do it right, then you will make crazy commissions.

I will recommend that you learn the ropes of using paid and free methods to bang crazy commissions from these platforms. CLICK HERE to get more insight into what it looks like to make commissions weekly without stress. The training is well structured to guide you step by step on how you can bank crazy commissions with these affiliate market places week after week. I remember telling you that affiliate marketing needs action, hard work and strategy, I learnt most of these things with this program which I am sharing with you right now.

I want you to understand that there are so many people searching the internet daily for different solutions to their various problems, be it ‘’how to lose weight’’ ‘’ how to make money online’’ like in this case, how to control pest in the gardens’’ ‘’ how to make a baby sleep’’ ‘’ how to make woodwork’’ ‘’ how to restore a car battery’’ and many more. These are some of the billions of queries that Google receives daily from people seeking solutions to their problems. Your work as an affiliate marketing is to Identify these problems, then bridge the gap between their problems with some very trusted & tested affiliate products.

To further Harness Paid traffic, you will need to create a Funnel. This is simply the path through which you will communicate with everyone who had seen your paid advertisement, clicked on it and likely gave you their emails so you can remarket the affiliate products to them along the funnel till they convert, these could be technical for a beginner, but not to worry about it. here is a FREE VIDEO that will further guide you to your first commission on any of these platforms. Whether you are a beginner into affiliate marketing or not just making good commissions from It, I can assure you of success with this program.

Another way to make very fast commissions from Affiliate marketing is by guest postings & Sponsored Advertisements. This method is really an untold secret many affiliates do not know about. All you have to do for this method to work is to message some good blogs in your niche and offer to write quality articles for them, no one will resist such an offer especially when you are good at writing. This way you can write on an affiliate related problem then input your affiliate links and make good commissions very quickly.

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