Recharge and Get Paid, How It Works, Is it a Scam or Legit?

Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP); How Does It Work in Nigeria, Is it a Scam or Legit?

You are reading this article because you probably want to learn more about Recharge And Get Paid as a Newbie, I believe this is not the first hearing about RAGP, Many people have heard of it for months, others even years an have taken no actions about it, many have this one excuse of not having someone to give a thorough guide of how the whole business works, while others fear been scammed online again. I am directing this article to everyone, falling in either place. Worry Less, this article will do justice to all your worries, and believe me you will join us at the Upper Echelon in this Telecom Business.


Recharge and Get Paid offers you the opportunity to own your own VTU (Virtual Top Up) portal, what this means is that you can effectively manage the distribution of Prepaid products through a wide range of channels. prepaid products here include Nepa (PHCN) Bills, DSTV bills, Go Tv Bills, Water Bills, Recharge Cards, etc.

The VTU Business is the main deal of Nigerian Banks, they milk Billions of Naira monthly from this Business which I am about to reveal to you. have you ever wondered why ATM machines keep prompting you to make phone recharges & Go Tv subscriptions each time you are at the Bank stands? EVERYTHING is business for the Bank they get good commissions for every recharges & subscriptions you make leaving you with nothing.

Today I bring you good Business that will change your life forever. It is the Business of setting up your own VTU Portal, the very best thing that can happen to you in 2020, You will now be in the same positions of the bank, making good commissions every day forever, Please Sit tight, with your 100% attention as I lead you through this business model. 

Recharge and Get Paid Legit?

How often do you see a website with a trust score of 100/100, rarely I guess? scam advisorconfirms Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) with perfect scores.


It is worthy to know that RAGP has a lasting 9 years record of changing lives positively in Nigeria, (RAGP) is a Telecom Company; registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with its (RC Number) -1279919. The Company is licensed by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) to change lives in the telecom-related Business. you should already know by now that NCC coordinates and directs all affairs concerning telecommunications.

How Does RAGP Change Lives?

The platform changes your lives as you accumulate wealth from Recharging your phones (Family & Friends as well), paying Nepa bills, Water Bills, Dstv Bills, etc. You earn residual income with it, this is the kind of income we all need in the 21st century and it will be sad if this opportunity passes you bye again. 

PLEASE NOTE that this business is not a quick-rich scheme as perceived by many people, you make money as your recharge and pay bills and refer people just as you use to do with the banks. The platform gives you the license to own and operate your own VTU business, this is the same license the banks have as explained earlier.

Aside from the Banks, Big brands like Zoto, Jumia also understand that there is so much money in this VTU business. Just last year, Jumia launched the Jumia-One App, An Application which you can use to make recharges, pay bills, buy data bundles, and all that, while they keep making commissions from your actions. We all know Zoto, it is not an exception they give you a little percentage for your recharges and data bundles while keeping the Mega profits anytime you make subscriptions for data or pay bills, It is the same VTU business which brings Billions for this big brands every month that I am inviting you to be a part of today. JOIN HERE


You have to register on Platform to get your own VTU account, this is the account which you will be using to do your subscriptions, pay bills and refer friends to the Telecom business while earning certain percentages forever for every Payment and subscriptions these downlines perform. we all have friends, Families, Colleagues at work, Colleagues at Church, Neighbors, Enemies, etc. Getting people to the business will never hurt you in any way, Instead, it helps build wealth that you would have lost to the Banks.

The subscription Packages Range from 5,000 Naira (Bronze Package ) to 95,000 Packages (Executive Platinum).

Once you register with a one-time payment of any of the packages you chose, you will have an e-wallet account with your chosen username and password (please keep this safe to avoid scammers from milking your investment because of your carelessness). You will get back 20% of your registration packages, while the other 80% is the registration fees

This means for the 5,000 Naira Packages, you will get 20% (1,000 Naira) back in your e-wallet.

for 15,000 Naira Packages, you will get back 20% (3,000 Naira) Back in your wallet and so on.


You can get to upgrade the packages once you have started making some good money from this Business, for starters 5,000 Naira is fine. RAGP operates on PV (Point Value), the higher your point value, the greater your rewards. You earn Point Values on the Platform as you keep paying fees, buying airtime, and making subscriptions using your VTU account & Referring Family and friends to use the system as well.

Packages PV — Point Value

On registering for any Packages, you will get these corresponding PVs

  • The basic package gets you a point value of 20PV
  • The bronze package gets you a point value of 40PV
  • The silver package gets you a point value of 80PV
  • The gold package gets you a point value of 160PV
  • The platinum package gets you a point value of 200PV
  • Executive Platinum package gets you a point value of 400PV


As these PV accumulates either from your purchases and recruiting or your downlines doing either, you qualify for some cash awards as stated below.

  • 10,000 PV gets rewarded with N100,000 cash
  • 25,000PV gets rewarded with N500,000 cash
  • 60,000 PV gets rewarded with N2,000,000 cash
  • 100,000 PV gets rewarded with N3,000,000 cash
  • 250,000 PV gets rewarded with N4,000,000 cash
  • 500,000 PV gets rewarded with N6,000,000 cash


  1. It serves you the stress of going to the ATM machines to make subcriptions for your Go Tv, Start times, Data recharges and buying airtime.
  2. You get to make residual income everytime you or your referrals make recharges buy data, subscribe their Go Tv and Dstv etc, we all know that passive wealth is the best. RAGP offers you the opportunity to enjoy passive wealth all the years of you life.

3. You get to own your own VTU money-making machine company, only God knows to what extend you can build it to if only you are the committed and focused type.

4. RAGP will change your Financial level, everybody suddenly will want To hang out with you, YES it is very true that once you start this Telcom business, everyone will want to be friends with you. Remember that wealth always has many friends and poverty is evil to all.

Bonus & Incentives For RAGP

One may ask, how do i acquire all this wealth from this business, it is very simple;

The very first money you will see on your dashboard will be your registration bonus, which is 20% of any package.

This means that for the Basic or Bronze package which is 5000 Naira, you will get (20/100*5000) =1000 Naira

For Silver Package which is ₦15000, you will get (20/100*15000) = 3000 Naira

For Gold Package which is ₦25000, you will get (20/100*25000) = 5000 Naira

For Diamond Package which is ₦35000, you will get (20/100*35000) = 7000 Naira

For Platinium Package which is ₦45000, you will get (20/100*45000) = 9000 Naira

For Executive Platinum which is ₦95000, you will get (20/100*95000) = 19,000 Naira

How to join Recharge and Get Paid in Ngeria

👉👉👉 Next set of earnings you will receive will be commissions from your subscriptions and recharges;

Buying Airtime will earn you 2% Commissions of the airtime Amount.

Data Subscriptions will earn you 10% of Data Amount

Cable Subscription will earn you 40 Naira

PHCN Bill Payments will earn you 40 Naira

Imagine having to earn these series of income every time you or your downlines, family, friends, and relatives make recharges or subscriptions. PLEASE NOTE that the Registration Fee for the packages only gives you access to become a member of the RAGP Platform, you will still need to buy units into your e-wallet, you can also sell these units as Airtime or Data. *Units are available funds in your account to pay for transactions, e.g 100 Naira = 100 Units = 100 Naira worth of airtime

👉👉 Next is your Referral Commissions, as you refer people you get paid, as your referrals refer people as well, they get paid as well the break down is below.

You can get Referral Commissions, you get commissions up to the 10th Level, depending on your chosen package. Note that the commission payout differ for different levels.






6TH – 10TH LEVEL – 1% Earning

Did I Mention that you also get VTU Bonuses from down liners, every time your down liners make subscriptions, buy data, or pay subscriptions, you actually make some money off it. Commissions is paid across the 1ST to the 10TH Levels depending on your chosen package.

The Levels depend on your chosen package.

Airtime – 0.35%

Data Subscriptions – 1%

Cable Subscriptions – 10 Naira

PHCN Bill Payment – 10 Naira

Please note that you can upgrade your Packages at any time you want, RAGP has a Uni-LEVEL Compensation plan which allows you to sponsor as many people as you want on your front line (First Level) as it does not operate on any matrix systems and even balancings as many Ponzi schemes do.

👉👉👉 Feel Free to chat me directly from the website using our Contact Us Page or Whatsapp directly from the website

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