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What is Jumble box, 4 things you must know before Applying

If you are looking for a comprehensive review for the Jumble Box program, then here it is., Welcome !!! I believe you have just been invited by your close friend to join jumble box scheme, that it is paying well an very hot at the moment. You are now left with your thoughts, with so many questions running through your mind, wondering what the program is even all about.

We all know that several Scam programs spring up every day with new ideas and techniques to lure traffic, they all claim to be rewarding their users with either Naira (Cash) or dollars in exchange for their viewing Advertisements, Clicking, and Reading News and sharing their program.

Of recent many new schemes have now upgraded their schemes to the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Etheruem in their operations, users either send their cryptocurrencies to wallets addresses and users never get any rewards at the end or have their accounts hacked since confidential information has been handed out to scams.

Some schemes even come up with tricks of asking users to refer 6 to 8 persons before cashing out, Fantabulous (Ooin) they are actually doing well. Is the Jumble Box Program like any of these ones mentioned above? Take a deep breath, sit tight, and enjoy the comprehensive review of the Jumble Box Program in 2020.

jumble box review in 2020, is it legit.

Jumble box has a Mediocre score of 54% when checked on the scam advisor website, it appears relatively new with few members still trying to join the program daily, The website claims trademark with Angus Adonis Media LLC in the United Kingdom.


Below the credibility score checkboard, we have some testimonies of users who have testified to been paid their earnings on a regular. We all know these new websites will do anything to pay up at the beginning time, just to get the required traction. Once the traction is there; users start experiencing issues either in logging in or Withdrawing their earnings.

Is jumble box a scam or legit

Before putting your money in Jumble Box, above are some other things to consider. (i) The website has not that much visitors since it is relatively new (ii) The website lacks Quality reviews from reputable companies like trust pilot and Web of Trust (WOT) (iii) The website is using shared servers, this implies the owners don’t really have that much cash or don’t just want to invest big in setting up dedicated servers for themselves. (iv) Imagine that the website is just 36 days Old imagine that, no even up to a year or so.


Whois gives a clear detail of the website, I don’t think this website has a face, there is no owner as it is probably hidden, why will a good business hide its owners? Ask yourself before making a move. You can boldly see that the website was registered on 10-April -2020, this confirms that it is still very young and has features of a scam website which will just surface to make short term profits before collapsing.

How Does Jumble Box Operate?

Jumble Box, like other, perceived Ponzi schemes operate by using the investment of user A to pay user B and all that, they claim earnings from their partners such as Toyota, Ford, Trip Advisor, and hundreds more which I doubt.


Jumble Box claims publications with BBC, you can see this on their Medium page, To register on the scheme then you will have to make one a time subscription in US Dollars, $10 subscriptions earns you $1 daily, $20 subscriptions earns you $2 daily, $50 subscriptions earn you $5 daily earnings and even up to $10000 subscriptions, and so on, see image below.


You could also up your earnings by Upgrading your packages, you gain $1 for every referral and up to $4 daily for 90 days for 25 referrals. Payment is made to Bitcoin wallets, which means you need to own one before signing up on the website. Users are paid by 12 pm (Nigerian time) after watching video ads as claimed.

Bitcoin is a digital currency for the Modern Economy, few Nigerians are taking good use of the Bitcoin Opportunity to make good money daily either by Investing for the Long term run or Trading your Bitcoins daily if you know how to do this. You could just buy some good amount of bitcoin now, and save it in your wallet for up to 4 or 5 years for very good values, Bitcoin is getting scares daily and the awareness is higher than before, if you have not gotten a wallet yet, I will love you to get one now on Binance, My Favorite Platform for my tradings and investments.

My Humble Verdict

You asked Google for a comprehensive review of Jumble Box and you saw my article and now you are here, Please note that the information on the page is clearly the wisdom and ideas of the writer, I am not endorsing any scheme and as well not demoting any scheme. I have only given you a clear guide of what you are about to put your money into. If you wish to go ahead and join the program, Hurray!! let’s pray it lasts long for you to recover your subscriptions.

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