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Where To Buy Domain Name And Hosting For Your WordPress Website and Blogs.

In this guide, I will be showing you where to buy domain names and hosting for your WordPress website or blogs, guiding from my experiences on Fiverr and Upwork as a website designer. I believe you already know that Maintaining a Top Rated seller in website & Blog design niche on UPWORK and FIVERR is not an easy task, You always have to be at the top of your game at every time in other to make clients happy. With over 7 years experience in Website designs & SEO, I have come to understand that most complain I do receive from my clients concerning their websites and blogs designs were due to bad Hosting companies, I strongly recommend BLUEHOST for all website services starting from domains, to hostings. they have never failed and will never fail as far as they keep up the good work there are doing.

I read an answer here on QUORA it confirms what I just said, I the Opening paragraph, using a bad hosting company for your website could be very frustrating, especially if there is no live service, Some other hosting company even go as far not responding to emails for days, How do you want to cope with such host, put yourself in my shoes as a website designer with lots of Clients.

I remember a friend of mine who is also a designer once told me that the support team of his website hosting company and that of his Client has no knowledge on how to fix things, FUNNY. He further added that the downtime was the worst ever experience, When we first started our e-commerce we did not have a lot of money to invest so we decided to give them a try only to wake up to site constantly down and nightmares.


The final straw according to him was when he started to get complaints from customers when they kept getting an error message on my site (error cannot connect to the database). After 2 days of back and forth they told him, they could not fix it and all of his information, his site, his customer info, all pending order were all gone! Thank God he kept a backup of my site information internally.

Is Blue Host good to start off blogging?

Yes, of course, I have used them for a long time now, all my clients have used them too with no problems. Additional to website speeds, no downtime issues, good support system and all that, Bluehost pre-installs WordPress for you on your hosting, all you need to do is press LAUNCH, an there you Go, your website is ready.


It is easy for newbies and website beginners, all the tools you need to get started are all highlighted there for you, so all you need to do is follow their guidings step – by – step. At any point in time, you encounter any issues, just liver chat immediately and consider it done.

I will also love to add that before I started using this current WEBSITE I still tried a few other hostings, just for my experience., I do really have a lot to tell especially when it comes to building websites, blogs and all that. I always experience many issues with a lot of hosting companies, I will not mention names of these bad companies, but I can always guide you to a good host which I know will work for your Blogs and other websites, in this case, BLUEHOST

I will share with you a section of the highlights that the best Web hosting provider for blogs needs to make available.

Free Domain Name

Getting the domain name for free as part of your hosting package is an immediate saving of $10 approximately. Every little helps.

Free SSL Certificate

Security is everything these days so having a website that is SSL certified without any additional cost is a huge bonus. Sometimes an SSL can set you back $200 a year with some providers.

24/7 Support

Being able to contact someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a must if you’re hosting a business site. You don’t want to be subjected to excessive downtime or long delays simply because your hosting provider isn’t around to help.

Speed is one of the website’s most critical blog elements. Online customers expect to stack a site/blog as soon as possible. Any moderate site load leads to site traffic loss and visits. Online customers and visitors want to discover their products and services as soon as possible. A study found that 80% of site visitors don’t want to return to a website with an overwhelming number of medium and about half website visitors stating that faster download websites keep them faithful to a website and they like to visit the site over and over.

Site protection:
There are two important reasons for site security, server shutdown, crash, etc. To order to obtain these highlights, as a blog holder, you will not want to kill and close down the Web site at the shopping season or at various events. As well as keeping a safe buffer from terrible contents and viruses, which can drag your data and information with you, just like shutting down your web server.

Features and add-ons:
If you just start your blog for the first time, you want your site to go quickly. You require one-click script download, pick & drop Website Builder, free region domain name, SSL, etc. to be a best blog web host.

Customer service: How quick would you like a reaction to a specific question? If you want the continued transparency of the client, professional employees, you would like to locate a specialist co-op hosting company that responds as quickly as possible. It will take you some time to submit a help ticket with any question and to get a comment from your help group. Particularly because your question is not fully answered from the outset.

Type of web server:
Four types of web servers are mostly used by owners of pages. Cloud hosting & dedicated servers shared databases. Shared web servers are much cheaper but these types of servers are being visited gradually. The server is given to a variety of site owners and forums. The key reason is this. VPS is much more costly concurrently with few different websites but the database room is completely separate from other domain holders in this kind of network service. The most expensive type of server are dedicated servers, but these servers are rarely crashed. Cloud is the other type of server. Most servers are linked to one another as a single server in this kind of server course. Cloud servers are slowly comparing & contrasting with the private or VPS server.

I recommend that you go for a Bluehost WordPress host that is one of the best drivers & reliable blog hosting companies around since you’re looking for the best blog hosting for your blogging website. One of the main reasons Bluehost offers for web hosting is that it is definitive for WordPress as a distributor supporting blog No. 1. You are having a one-click web-app download, SSL-free domain name with an absolute cash back guarantee, for a simple $2.95 / month.

Have a glance at the top-reasons to choose Bluehost:

(1) It is officially recommended by WordPress itself
(2) One-click WordPress installation
(3) A free domain name is provided for a year
(4) Free SSL certificate
(5) 30 days refund policy
(6) It has world-class servers
(7) Custom emails can be created for free
(8) Daily backups are also provided.
(9) Top-notch support is also provided
(10) The latest version of cPanel

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