Which marketplace is the best for logo designing work, 99 Designs, Fiverr, Upwork or others? Why?

Logo design is one of the most sorts after skill in the world, every business whether small or large scale needs a brand identity for its operation, an logo design is the first identity for any business. The problem many people have now is Which marketplace can I hire the best Logo designers? I already have this answer and other answers on Quora, which you will love to read.

This question does not have a very straight forward answer, believe me. It is difficult to say that any of Upwork, Fiverr or 99 designs is the best, with reasons been that all these platforms mentioned have highly profiled logo design freelancers that can create any type of logo design projects of your choice for you at the very best quality and standards for any business.

It all begins with your budget and your logo requirements; If you have a very small budget for you Logo design project, then Fiverr is a good place to start with, you can easily find good designers on this platform starting at $5 for one or two design concepts; this is one of the advantages that Fiverr has over the other two platforms (advantage of cost). Fiverr is well-coordinated, the platform has a very good ranking algorithm, very responsive with a good payment system that guarantees that you get delivery of what you paid for from every orders made to freelancers.

I want to draw your attention at this point to the fact that a $5 logo design order will have so much differences in quality & uniqueness compared to a $100 logo design. You might not likely get the vectors and source files of these designs at that budget. It is also very obvious that you will get a logo concept at that price and this may not be very helpful for your business. If you are looking to get quality logo designs, then I advise you to make a good budget for the designs, $50 -$100 is a good budget for a Professional Logo.


Upwork, on the other hand, is a perfect option for anyone looking to hire a professional logo designer who has been carefully selected, I am a freelancer on the platform and you should believe me when I say this, my experiences have been amazing throughout the little period of my stay on this platform. Feel free to go through my profile on Upwork, Ubong K. You can hire me for all your logo designs and graphic designs services as well, Business cards, Flyers, Brochures, Social media kits and website designs.


Upwork passes every talent on the platform through some level of testings, before approving your profile as a freelancer on the platform; English tests, Skill test, Certification Test and all that. You can hire very good professionals on the platform, but on a better budget compared to Fiverr. Upwork is well-coordinated just like Fiverr, It has a very good search algorithm that brings forward the best and Top performing designers for you to pick for your project when you search for one, you also get hand-picked freelancers for you, this will prevent you from wasting so much precious time, and wasting money when looking to hire a professional designer for your project. Upwork is very responsive to mobile & laptop usage and the payment system is 100% secured as escrows keep everything in good hands helping you get real value for every money you get to spend on the platform.


99designs is another great platform based in Australia, I do like the platform as well, though I still love Upwork best for reasons clearly mentioned earlier. On 99designs you are guaranteed of professional logo designs, the only issues you may here will be your budget. Prices on 99designs are quite huge and you need a very good budget in other to secure a professional designer for your project.

In summary; None of these platforms is better than the other, you can get quality designs in all depending on your budget and logo design requirements. So feel free to explore and see what works for you best and stick to it.

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